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Popular Woodworking uploaded a 7 part series with Greg Paolini.  The video series was sponsored by Festool.

Lots of great information from Greg!
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This is perfect timing. I just got on looking for some new videos to watch and here you post this. When I took his class last month he mentioned he just finished filming with them. And voila.

Edit: Just blew through that. It complements everything I learned in his Doors and Drawers class well. There's a lot of knowledge in those videos that's hard to come by elsewhere.
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I have heard so many good things about Greg Paolini’s class...

I signed up for his cabinetry and door & drawers class in July.  I can’t wait!

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This is a nice series! 

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Thanks for te link. I took a cabinet doors ad drawer class from Greg and just signed up for his archetechural door class in June.

Ill watch these videos when I have the time to relax and enjoy them.

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Do you know what LED lighting he’s using in Section 6? The peel and stick? That’s pretty cool. I did a search but couldn’t figure out the brand he’s using...

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Took time to watch it this morning.

Very good series, lots of good info.

Not unusual for Greg as he is a excellent knowledgable instructor.

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Lee Valley carries a line of peel and stick LED strips -,43349

Do you know what LED lighting he’s using in Section 6? The peel and stick? That’s pretty cool. I did a search but couldn’t figure out the brand he’s using...

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Great video series!  Great to see most of the trainers doing different kinds of videos.  Anyone who has met tham that I have talked to have commented on the ease by which they transfer tool knowledge interspersed with real life experiences.

I am sure that on Youtube there will be the typical Festool trasher, but I guess that is to be expected.  Unfortunately when they get to that stage they have bypassed all of Gregory's experience as a cabinet and furniture maker and don't realize that they could be following along with the tools that they have in their shop - no matter what brand.  They might have had to make some adjustments in their workflow - especially where the Domino was used, but still it could be done.

I hope that the trend of these type of videos continue!  In my mind @Festool USA  [thumbs up] [thumbs up]


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@Peter Halle

Greg is a awesome instructor. He has a lot of other non festool classes.

 Ive been talking to him about teaching me a private on hand cut dovetails. Thats something i always wanted to know how to do. He is going to have a group class on it but its not scheduled. Since Im flying there (NC) from So Cal I might as well do everything at once saves me the cost of flying back out there.