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Re: Festool Sharpening Service
« Reply #30 on: September 16, 2023, 02:38 PM »

@Cheese Of course you are 100% right - and I completely share the environmental concern and responsibility. We all should, and it's one of the first things which crossed my mind when I started using these blades. They're remarkably good, and there's plenty of meat on the teeth to get them resharpened multiple times. But when it costs more to resharpen than to replace? My dilemma was solved by the route mentioned by @squall_line - I don't throw the used ones away, I take them to my local recycling centre and put them into the 'ferrous metals' bin for recycling. Who knows? A few atoms of that steel may one day find their way into a Festool product  [smile]
@Crazyraceguy You're also right. I have absolutely no idea why Trend products aren't better represented in NA and I really think they're missing a trick. They make a range of 500+ high-quality router cutters for every conceivable application, a multitude of other consumbles, drill bits, routers, routing jigs, lock jigs, blades for pretty much everything, and all at sensible prices. I just bought their WRT router table plus their T8EK router as a permanent underslung fixture. It's a stellar combination which I christened by machining almost 400 metres of sash beads for a huge windows job. £640. An absolute no-brainer.

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Re: Festool Sharpening Service
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Steel can be recycled at least.  I try to separate as much scrap metal out of everything as I can, and take it to our landfill's scrap pile when needed.
I have not heard of a landfill scrap pile, good idea as I prefer to recycle. I would probably be dragging things out if it and come home with more than I took.

There's "no scavenging" signs up all over the place at the scrap pile, and about a dozen cameras pointed at it.  I get the sentiment, though, considering some of the high quality items I've seen dumped there.

One of the local service stations, when they change out rotors, just pile the old rotors up on the cover of their dumpster to make it easier for the scrappers.  [big grin]  That's also a win-win.

I've joked with people before that if they want something to "disappear" from the curb, they have to actually put a price on it.  If you mark it "Free!" it will just sit there interminably.

I once put my third-hand scrap washer and dryer out in my alley marked "free" to try and get rid of them without paying to haul them away.  The cord was gone from the electric dryer within 12 hours but the dryer itself never moved.

It was done by a scavenger rather than a salvager, though, because they didn't take the time to unhook the cord, they just cut it.  [doh]

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Re: Festool Sharpening Service
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I havent had a blade sharpened in quite a while. Last time I did I paid something like $25. Some places charge a buck a tooth.
  [eek] $25 for what sized blade? Sharpening an 80T Kapex blade shouldn't cost more than $17 plus shipping. Dynamic Saw charges $11 to sharpen any circular blade up to 40 teeth. Blades up to 60T are $15, 80T $17, 100T $19. Re-tipping is $3.25 per.