Author Topic: Systainer catalog? Or a website with interior photos of all systainers?  (Read 540 times)

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I've recently taken the plunge and invested in a Festool track saw, plunge router, and rotex sander. I would love to get a better sense of the huge selection of systainers/sortainers that Festool has available, but most retail website and even Festool own website seem to only have a generic stock photo of the exterior of the systainer, and maybe a stock photo of a tradesman carrying his systainer around a jobsite. Hardly the detail I'm looking for. I'd love to see what the inside of each systainer looks like (with and without the tools/parts it was designed to carry).

Is there a systainer picture catalog or a resource online somewhere where I can see more detailed pics of some of these? Thanks!
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Probably not ideal, but check the catalogue links on the TANOS web:

Tanos is a sister company to Festool, specialised in the systainer business which Festool then resells.
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You could try looking through the Systainer board here on FOG. Look at topics showing customized uses. You will generally get to see the interior. Certainly not ideal and you won't be able to just see everything in one place.

For specific interiors you might get forum members to take pictures and post them if you ask for particular Systainers.

This website generally has additional pics as well as some animated pics.

In addition to the Festool dealers that participate on FOG there is also one that specializes in just selling Tanos branded Systainers.   I am sure there are some Festool dealers on FOG that  would be helpful as well. Perhaps try contacting them.

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Yeah, it would be nice if they just made the technical drawings available. Like Auer does.