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sysport drawer adjustment
« on: January 13, 2008, 09:44 PM »
After someone dives in for their first sysport, they sometimes need to rearrange drawers for their use. This can be a frustrating first time experience using the instructions provided. Here are a few tips to make it very easy.
First pull the drawer all the way out to its stops. Then release the left and right tabs. Left goes up and right goes down.

 pull the drawer completely out.
Grasp the drawer guide and rotate the bottom out a little first, (this will bend the tabs out a little and loosen them up)then rotate down a little and lift up till the tab clears the notch, then pull the guide forward.
NOTE; the instructions on step 4 with the sysport show to roll down then lift up.By rotating the bottom out first  this makes it much easier.
repeat for other side.
The tabs on the guide can be bent out just a little more if needed using a flat blade

.which will make the reinsertion much more easier,and not affect the operation of the slide.
Now reinsert the left and right slides into the rack at the height/place you desire for your drawer configuration. Make sure you get the left on the left and right on right as they are handed. Start with the back tab first,

 and then make sure the front tab seats in the front completely down in the slot.

Push the guides all the way in and reinsert the drawer into the sysport, you will hear it click and lock into the guides.
Hope these visuals helps make it clearer.
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Re: sysport drawer adjustment
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2008, 10:37 PM »
Thanks for taking the time to post this Bill... Will surely come in handy...