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Re: Show your systainer
« Reply #240 on: September 17, 2022, 07:22 PM »

Well, it is not a Systainer but I guess you could very well do the same in a Sys³ Organizer L, the M size being too small I guess, but I'm waiting for someone else to try it, hehe. My drills are all Bosch too (except a TDK 15.6 ..) so this is more likely to connect to other boxes going on that job anyway.

This is a Bosch G4 L-Boxx 102 with small boxes and lid foam (the whole bottom is ever so slightly ribbed by default so that bins cant move sideways, so no inlay required!). I got this as a promotional deal after buying a Bosch 18V tool for about 220 euros.

It holds all sizes Fischer DuoPower (9), DuoBlade (1), DuoTec (2) and DuoSeal (2) plugs with associated screws and bolts. The empty areas are for the panhead screws for the 5x25, 6x30, 6x50, 8x40 and 8x65, they are currently elsewhere.

The DIY dividers in some bins are solid smooth cardboard and was previously pyjama packaging.
I might change things around a bit, but so far it looks pretty good. The weight balance is also surprisingly well, with the absence of the panhead screws the center if gravity is now slightly to the rear, which is good anyway in combination with the front handle.

I guess this marks the end of buying plugs based on 'cause I need this different size xxy now'.

99% of walls here are brick, concrete, limestone or aerated concrete so I don't stock the huge drywall anchors. For aerated concrete the 6x50 plugs actually hold more than the 8x40 ones.

Wallplugs supplied with furniture are usually junk, so I tend to throw those away in favor of the Duopower plugs.

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Re: Show your systainer
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Good info on Fischer wall anchors.

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