Author Topic: Pretty Darn Accurate Custom Systainer ID Cards for $10 a pop, shipped!  (Read 2504 times)

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Pretty Darn Accurate Systainer ID Cards - $10 Shipped CONUS

I know I'm not the first to jump in with this offer (@DanZero beat me to it), but I'm going a step further here: for a lowly $10 smackers, I'm offering to design your custom Systainer ID Card, send you a digital proof, print it on my Canon Pro-100 inkjet printer, and ship it right to your doorstep (CONUS of course). The label will be printed on waterproof 30 mil PVC, sized perfectly to fit into the card recess of your systainer.

If you need more than one copy of the same ID card, I'll do each additional for $7. If the artwork is different though, you'll have to pony up another $10. That's right: my time is worth $3!

Ready to order? OK, here's what I need from you:

If you want the standard Festool logo and color scheme, that's easy too:

Just specify "standard Festool" for the area in question.

By popular request (and as a near-sighted person myself), I'm happy to bump up the font size on these cards as well. Just specify that in the PM.

Start your request by gathering the text and images shown above and PM'ing me. Of course, the quality will be proportional to whatever images you send me - a low quality image will result in a low quality print. I'll warn you if it isn't going to look pretty. If you can't get a high quality logo, just let me know and I can poke around. Note that colors will always seem a little desaturated (as shown in the images at the very top); that's just a limitation of direct printing on PVC.

Just doing this for a little fun and to recoup my supplies investment. First come, first serve.
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