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Attic lids and inserts
« on: September 07, 2019, 06:52 PM »
I was browsing a NA retailers (will remain anonymous in case it hasn’t been officially announced) site and noticed they have the previously NAINA centrotec-sys-tl-bit-assortment available for pre-order. For anyone who doesn’t know, that is a set of 12 centrotec bits in an attic lid insert.

Does anyone know if this is going to be a regular stocked item or will it be like the installers sets that once you lose/break bits, you won’t be able to replace them?

Also, if Festool is committing to selling attic inserts, will we be able to buy the attic lids again separately? I tried a few months back and my local retailer couldn’t find them in EKAT. The alternative is they have a stack of sys1-3 Tanos Systainers with attic lids, but then I’m buying more than I need, I only want the lid. The option of buying the unit and swapping my drills over, then reselling the empty systainers is there, but a PITA.

I’m really looking to downsize my mobile stack, converting my drill sys over would save a sys1 installers set in the car.

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Re: Attic lids and inserts
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2019, 08:20 PM »
Looks like individual bits are available at some dealers - or will be 10/1. Hopefully this will be a permanent item.