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Re: WAGO Electrical connectors
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99% of faults with Wago's is blatant user error. Usually damaged bent wire stripped too short. These same old school guys use manual stripping pliers and even though they won't admit it, they (the user) are not stripping to correct length.

Very true!  ;D Every electrician that worked on my house used manual stripping pliers. But they were extremely fast and seemed to strip all wires exactly to the same length. Of course they were using wire nuts where the length of exposed wire doesn't have to be precise.

Yes. I cut them out of existing installations I have to work on and re-use them to close the tip of the caulk tube.
Interesting. Have electricians in NL switched to Wagos or they keep using wire nuts?

New installs is mostly Wago's. The material used often gives an indication of when the work was done. Wire nuts: pre 1980s, gray Wago's '80s upto 2010s, newer is the transparent 2273.

It also seems as if too many were allergic to stocking the 8-way one... it's very common to see two 5-way ones 'bridged'. Or 5+3.

Either way, I recently did some work in an 2006 apartment where from new it was all Wago's, but eveything changed by previous owner was wire nuts. Since all he did was do dumb and illegal changes... finding a wire nut was a good indicator that probably something needed fixing there. Like the 10 boxes he wallpapered over... or the one where he combined two circuits in one box.

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