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The Search for more Veneer
« on: February 04, 2013, 06:07 PM »
      I am currently working on a family room project that uses a reconstituted Douglas Fir Veneer that I purchased from a company in New York, (not sure if I can use company name here so omitted for now), and the Project was going great.  I want to add that this material was chosen for its uniformity of grain and did inquire about the supply when I got samples and they said it wasn't a problem.  We decided to add an AV unit, so bottom line was I needed more.  Contacted the company and they had a few sheets left but I needed 7 more.  They contacted their source and got more for me, but it was not the same batch and different in color, less red tone, and was much more brittle.  They said they were the only company in the US to get this and after that could not get any more.  So thinking I was stuck with this stuff I talked to my finisher and he said he could tint it to match the original so I built the remaining sections. Well not to the fault of my guy, but I took a sample over, and the client and myself are not happy with how it looks, which is close but any difference is easily noticeable.  I attached an image of the material, which was sold in 26" x 99" sheets, with no backing and around 0.025" thick.  I will add the Company name if its ok with Festool, and I am not throwing them under the bus I just want to be thorough with my search because I really would like to find the same material I started out with.  Any advice anyone has is welcomed in terms of where to possibly search to find this.  Thank you in advance to everyone. I should be getting the name of the company in Italy that made it tomorrow.  Part number: RC_DOUG_FIR_801-101


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Re: The Search for more Veneer
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2013, 06:34 PM »
There's a real lesson here.   BUY MUCH MORE VENEER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO NEED.  I usually buy twice as much on furniture and cabinet types of projects.  I don't know what I would do for "room walls".   

All of these have happened to me, all of which were my fault, but you live and learn.
1. Glue failure -- didn't get enough on
2.  Glue failure --- way TOO much bleed through.  (you want a little bleed through as it indicates you got enough on).  Just scrap off small amounts
3.  Glue failure because of temperature --- I never glue in a room or garage that is going below 65 degrees F after learning this the hard way.  I will  prewar everything -- substrate, glue and veneer ) to that temperature and  use an electric blanket bedroom blanket to keep it warm overnight
4.  I drop or wreck something and mar the veneer
5.  I screw up the finish for some reason and decide to revenuer rather than sand or strip off.
6.  Project scope changes -- "oh I want another table identical to this"
7.  As you have found out, some of these veneers are hard to find.

Most likely I know the company in New York f it is who I think it is. I actually flew over there to scope out and buy some veneers.  Great inventory, unbelievable selection and some extremely helpful people. I spent 3 hours in the place.   I saw them pack out a couple of crates for a huge birdseye maple kitchen.  The think you want to remember is that they buy the stuff by the flitch and when it is gone, it is gone.   The tree has been cut up!

There are some veneer merchants on Ebay.  You might post your sample picture up there  as a "want to buy" and see what happens.  There are other veneer specialty firms out there that may rescue you.

Remember that any excess you buy will not spoil or rot

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Re: The Search for more Veneer
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2013, 06:39 PM »
Formwood seems to make a lot of the veneer I have seen offered online or used myself. We had an issue with one batch and contacted them directly after the distributor could no longer assist, they worked with us very patiently for several months until we got it ironed out.

They do make reconstituted fir:


PM if you want the name/# of the guy we worked with. Good luck.

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Re: The Search for more Veneer
« Reply #3 on: February 04, 2013, 10:37 PM »
Thank you so much for responding!

RD: Usually I do order more and did order extra sheets but used them, as sometimes it is hard when starting a business to safely overbuy everything, but now has become a little more important haha.  My thinking was since it was reconstituted they might have a good handle on the material used and process, which was not the case, so that is absolutely a lesson learned! Not so!  It probably is the same company you are thinking of and they have been fantastic as I have been using them since college with no issues, and will continue to use them.

I really like the idea of looking on ebay posting a picture I am going to set that up in the morning, great idea!

RMW:  Thanks! Trying to find as many companies to contact as possible to get samples and maybe I will get lucky with the batch/manufacturer.  Thanks for the link as well i'll see how it goes tomorrow and let you know, again thanks.