Author Topic: Do your pullouts scar the interior of your cabinet doors?  (Read 359 times)

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My old cabinet doors had deep gouges from 25 years of the pullout drawers scarring the doors each time I pulled the drawer out. 

I recently refaced the cabinets and I did not want to gouge out these new doors.

Here is a picture of the cabinet with the drawer slide set to gouge the painted finish:

And these are the bumpers I got yesterday to resolve that issue.  From Amazon they are $7.80 per package of 10 including screws, plus free shipping.

And here it is installed.  If I had used genuine Blum slides, this would have installed over the metal slide with a provided hole.  But that hole did not appear on these knock-off slides.  Installation was a breeze. Hold it in place and drive the screw.

It still rubs against the finish, but with no sharp edges to cut through the paint. 

I would note that there is a more sophisticated version from Blum that involves two nylon wheels and that promises to offer more protection.  They are $5.00 each from Rockler.  But I could not find how it installs and I don’t know if it is a universal fit or if it only works on Blum slides.  Also, $5.00 each is a bit rich.

I did find the bumpers I bought at (as I recall) $0.38 each.  No screws.  No free shipping.  If I were building a larger order from A & H Turf, I would include a few of these.

I will report how they work in a couple of months to see what the daily wear will have on the door finish.

Note:  It was just this one cabinet.  The old Amerock hinges protruded about 1” into the space and I had to add spacers to clear the hinges.  That was enough space to also clear the slides.  If you are willing to give up the extra 2” in width of the pullout (double doors, or 1” on single door)  that is an easy answer.  But in this tall cabinet, only the bottom pullout had interference from the Amerock hinges, the rest needed this bumper.
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