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Title: Festool CTL 26 E, Dust Extractor
Post by: euwood on September 26, 2021, 04:19 PM
Questions about Festool CTL 26 E vacuum cleaner (from Europe) ...

I chose Festool instead of Nilfisk and Starmix vacuum cleaners. I now have a Festool CTL 26 E, dust extractor and I would have a few questions. A big thank you in advance to all the respondents.

1. What kind of screws should I use if I want to screw the H-class filter onto the Festool CTL 26 E, vacuum cleaner? What kind of screws are right? Length, diameter and what kind of threads are loose or tight? (Of course, someone may want to screw on a regular filter, even if the basic fastening mechanism seems reliable and good.)

2. Festool CTL 26 E vacuum cleaner has a maximum power of 1200W and the Festool CTH 26 E, vacuum cleaner has a max power of 1000W. Does this mean that if you use a Class H filter in a Festool CTL 26 E, vacuum cleaner, then it should not be put in full power so it does not overheat or why the CTH model has a motor power of only 1000W?

3. Do I lose the Festool CTL 26 E warranty if I use a class H filter on it?

4. Have I correctly understood the efficiency of Festool vacuum cleaners main filters?

L / M -Class Filter is Epa 12 (Festool L and M class vacuum cleaners have the same filter)
E12 (Epa 12)> 99.5%

HEPA filter is Hepa 13
H13 (Hepa 13)> 99.95%> 99.75%

H-Class Filter is Hepa 14
H14 (Hepa 14)> 99.995%> 99.975%
Title: Re: Questions about Festool CTL 26 E vacuum cleaner
Post by: Frank-Jan on September 26, 2021, 07:31 PM
As for the first part of your question, the filter replacement is toolfree, so no screws are needed.

The 1000W vs the 1200W, I don't know, it might even be a typo in the specs, the cfm are rated the same.
I have an old spitt (starmix) vac that is 1600W, but has the same cfm, with a dustextractor that is tool actuated it is better to have lower power, so the total load on the socket that the combination vac/tool is plugged into doesn't become too high.