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Author Topic: Possible to retrofit new-type tool vacuum hose connector to old tools?  (Read 1150 times)

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Offline Stan Tillinghast

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Watching the Festool Live video, I realized for the first time (been out of the Festool game for a while) that the new TS55 uses a different connection (screw on) from my old TS55 with push-on connection.
More importantly, it looks like there are also new screw-on connectors for sanders, Carvex, etc.
My old Rotex 125, Rotex 90, ETS 125 all use push-on connectors.
Is it possible to retrofit the newer connectors to old tools, and change the fitting on the hose (or just buy new smooth hose with proper connector)?
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Offline Eric J

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I don't think you need an adapter. I use a newer style hose with the screw on connector with my older TS 55 EQ; it simply pushes into the dust port.

Offline Peter_C

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The biggest benefit of the screw on connector port for the TS55 and TS75's are they do not rotate as easily, so you can direct the hose better. They ratchet instead of being free spinning, and they don't spin 180*.

You can add the newer type hose ends easily. The Pro5 sander came with the "Upgraded" end. Many folks don't like the new style as they tend to drop more dust when disconnecting the hoses.

I'd recommend using a D36 hose over the connector for better dust collection anyhow, and tape the blade removal screw port closed.

Offline neeleman

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You can replace the plastic vacuum tubes on the Rotex easily.
RO 90: 10021166
RO 125: 10024224
And they only cost around $2.
The ETS 125 is more difficult because it's part of the metal housing.
They are sold separately but it's not easy to replace it yourself.
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Offline Stan Tillinghast

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Thanks for the very helpful replies!
I will try to order those spares through local dealer if possible.
The TC55 I prefer using the large hose anyway.
The ETS 125–well, I’ve been eyeing that new brushless model....
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Offline Alex

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It is all backwards compatible, no need to replace anything. New works with old. But you can replace if you want to.