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Title: OF1400 Question
Post by: Jerry Sitton on December 22, 2010, 07:39 PM
Just curious, I've been looking at the 1400 and noticed one time one model had the black type material
for the posts like my OF2200, then today looking at one that had the chrome metal posts. Is this a year
change or something else? Also the bearing adapter was a two piece punch welded together offset so the
bushing would be flush with the chrome post, as with the black post had a one piece flat bearing adapter
so I assume the base must have been thicker. Thanks
Title: Re: OF1400 Question
Post by: Festool USA on December 22, 2010, 07:46 PM
Jerry, as far as I can recall, the posts have never been black like the OF 2200. I don't think there have been any design changes to the OF 1400 since its introduction. And, that is typically the case that we do not change a product after production begins. If there are changes, as was the case many years ago with the RS 400 and DS 400, the model numbers change, in that case to the RTS 400 and DTS 400.

Title: Re: OF1400 Question
Post by: Jerry Sitton on December 22, 2010, 07:54 PM
Thanks Shane, maybe it was just dirty. :)
It's possible at my age I'm losing my mind, a little.
I really thought it did, I actually had purchased it, brought it home
and was looking at it to work with my dovetail jig and took it back since I use my
2200 with it. When I was playing with it, I put a little dry lube on the posts, thats
how I noticed it. I never used it, but I did take it back due to it being to close to my 2200.
I was going to get the 1010 and didn't at the time, then made another trip thinking I was going
to get it, but I couldn't find any 8mm 7 degree bits to use with my OmniJig so I just bought
the 1400 again and then noticed the post difference as well as the bearing adapter. Not a big
deal, it just caught my attention.