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Author Topic: Kapex 120 Dust collection issues  (Read 23744 times)

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Re: Kapex 120 Dust collection issues
« Reply #30 on: June 04, 2014, 03:39 AM »
Hi Peter, Festools "thing" if you like is they take dust collection to a new level and yes with the Kapex I would think it does compared to other makes I've used, and the Kapex in general is far better than previous saws I've owned and used so it's a leap ahead in that regard, just some of the opinions I've read on it's dust collection to me seem to be rather overstated and certainly it's nothing like the collection rate from Festools sanders or Domino's where all gets taken away. But I guess the nature of the saw unless radically re-designed provides a major hurdle to eliminate dust completely.
I have all the correct hoses and vacs but am still disappointed with it's dust collection, probably my own fault in taking reviews too literally and having a too high an expectation of it and Festool gear in general. (Another example is the poor table saw "LA fence" alignment for the CMS, it certainly lets the whole kit down. Awkward and fiddly to get square to the blade). It would help to give a more critical review on items that need attention-improvement, but I enjoy your videos and learn something new from each one, keep them going. Very informative.

Peter, on a different note,  I watched your demo on cutting on the cms saw table using two push sticks, that looked slow, awkward as heck and could be a tad dangerous. I suggest trying out the Grr-ripper push blocks, so much safer, I love them and highly recommend them for work like that, and no I'm not an employee of their maker:-) I'm sure once you try them you'll toss out the old sticks!

Yes, I can understand people expecting more from the Kapex given the really good collection from sanders and track saws. I have put a back on my Kapex bench so that no dust goes down the back and underneath the saw bench. As a result I get every bit of dust on the bench surface yet it is nothing like what I used to get with my last Radial Arm Saw.

I used the two push sticks when doing rebates on the CMS. Festool do not recommend the removal of the blade guard and so I had to make it crystal clear that people choose to do this at their own risk and the hands must never go anywhere near the exposed blade - hence the pair of sticks. I have a pair of really good push blocks from Lee Valley which I do use a lot. Not everyone will have these but anyone can make a pair of push sticks if needed.

Before getting the CMS I had a cheap and cheerful table saw from Jet. It did what it said it would do and I thought when I bought it that I could rebate with it. I did not realise that the riving knife stuck up above the top of the blade and I decided against making up a new one - hence the CMS which is a brilliant little table saw.


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Re: Kapex 120 Dust collection issues
« Reply #31 on: June 09, 2014, 08:43 PM »
On the CMS Table saw, I wouldn't recommend it personally over a more dedicated table saw. It does a job of being a compact lightweight table that one can double up the use of their TS saw in, but it's lack of a really reliable fence and it's repeatability is a let down, especially from a premium brand like Festool. I guess its trying to be all things but to me never really makes it. I'll persevere with it but in hindsight would not purchase it again. Think I would prefer a more solid and completely flat table saw with a besmeyer type fence, but I work in the one place in my garage and don't need portability which is it's only real strength I feel.
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