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Title: HM D6/16-VS 600 490762 ??? Spiral groove cutter
Post by: Stimpy on November 30, 2020, 02:28 PM
So I got an old VS600 a while back as it was a good price and just taken it out to investigate!.. I Got the SZO 14 templates with it and note that I have a 17mm ring and dovetail cutter with it but am missing the other ring and bit.

The other ring I can see is meant to be an 8.5 and these are readily available, but the spiral bit code registers no where! I assume it is just a spiral upcut bit 6mm x 16mm?. Also, if so, will a regular 6mm fluted bit do?

I don't have the the entering mandrel either ( for the 1010) but I guess I could make something perhaps...

Please note I based in the UK

Title: Re: HM D6/16-VS 600 490762 ??? Spiral groove cutter
Post by: Stimpy on December 01, 2020, 02:35 PM

Just spoke to my festool dealer in the UK and his book lists a different code than I found! He has 490978 which is a 6/21 8mm shank spiral cutter. He doesn’t know if it is an upcut or down cut but has one in stock for a vast sum!

Anybody out there got this system or could advise if an up or down cut would be more suitable in the jig? I guess as the copying ring is located for the most part when In use then a down cut would give a better a finish?..


Edit: So done some more googling as a bit quiet on here! It looks like the original code I have was on some of the earlier documentation - the references I found first!, and this updated code is now on some of the newer tech sheets / adds.

For future reference the item is a twin flute spiral 6mm/21mm with an 8mm shank now and is an upcut.