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Author Topic: ets 125 ???  (Read 4025 times)

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ets 125 ???
« on: September 04, 2011, 11:36 PM »
Hmmmm... I recently purchased the ets 150/5 ro sander and was psyched. I did not want to spend nearly that much, but I bit the bullet and got it.  It is a great sander.  I then bought the ets 125 ro sander thinking it would be a great companion as a fine finish sander for stain grade and also sanding finish between coats.
  I don't know. It bounces around a lot. When I do get it to settle down it needs to be held just right with a certain amount of pressure.  The scratch pattern with 120 and 150 is a little dissapointing.  I have used it with a fein vaccuum and with no dust collection and with the included dust bag.  It bounces around and leaves a poor scratch pattern. I have tried all of these options on soft maple, mahogany and butternut. 120 and 150 leave an obvious scratch pattern. If I wet the wood before staining I get a much more even look and the scratches are disguised.  Fortunately we do this often to raise the grain before staining.  I am using the rubin sand paper at all speeds, though none but full speed are worth using.  80, 120, 150 and sanding finish with 400 all bounce around about the same. Like I said, I can control it and get good results, but that is not practical for a lot of situations. I've tried most of what I can think of. I replaced a $50 makita with this and I am not thrilled. It really seems like it isx under powered.  On full speed it is not difficult to bring it to a stop. When I do get it to work well the rotation of the pad is very slow.  I saw on here that someone said that "they drank the kool-aid". I want to like this sander but I'm not convinced.  I know this has been a bit longwinded but I wanted to cover all the bases I already had. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Btw... the domino and the 150/5 are great.

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Re: ets 125 ???
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2011, 11:55 PM »
The festool sanders need a break-in period, more or less 8 - 10 hours. What I did was I hanged the ets 125 and let it ran for 8 hours.
After that it behave extremely well.
The festool sanders work better at full speed, the ets 125 is very delicate and it won't scratch even at max speed, I just love it.

Another tip is to use it with half speed vacum, so it slides and not get stuck into the piece.  I don't know if that is true for a non-festool vacum, I have only a festool so I don't know.

You could search and find the same type of tips. 
There is never a situation where it can't be done with the right hand tool - even though it may be a lot more work.

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Re: ets 125 ???
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2011, 12:50 AM »
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the ETS 125 but I'm sure we can get it resolved to your satisfaction.

As suggested, turn the suction down very low on your vacuum. The suction can actually pull the sander into the material. Also, make sure the speed is set to its highest position on the sander, which is 6.

See if either of those two tips help and if not, report back and let us know.

Shane Holland
Festool USA