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Title: Amp draw on Festool Dust Extractor / vacuum outlet.
Post by: SRSemenza on March 05, 2021, 04:18 PM
This is a reply from Festool USA about the amp draw limit label on the CT outlet / receptacle.

The original question was in relation to the receptacle on a CT15 with 2amp label.

       Thank you for contacting Festool. All of the Dust Collectors will work with all Festool tools when used under normal conditions. It is important to know that all Festool tools have variable speed and will have different amounts of amperage draw depending on how they are used. Most Festool tools will not use maximum amperage draw including the CT Dust Extractors, therefore the tools will work just fine with a wall receptacle that provides 15A or 20A. The only time you might want to separate a tool will be when using a large amperage draw tool when using it at maximum capacity. All Festool tools when used under normal circumstances will use an amperage amount that can be shared and will be just fine. When using a non Festool tools, please make sure your tool and CT Dust Collector combination does not exceed the amperage that is available from the wall receptacle.