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Title: 500672 Hose connector
Post by: hemlock on December 04, 2019, 11:18 AM
Will this new connector fit an "old", (no fabric on it) straight (not tapered) 27 mm AS hose?  This new fitting on the new hose is really nice for connecting hoses (both 27 and 36 mm hose ends fit into it) and I would like to replace the existing ends on my 27mm hoses.  But 500672 says it is for the tapered hose.  Does that mean it will only fit on the 32mm end of the new tapered hose and not fit the 27mm end of the older style hose?  Thanks.
Title: Re: 500672 Hose connector
Post by: hemlock on December 18, 2019, 04:39 PM
Well, here is an example of the "ask festool" discussion not working and where hopefully you can help in the future, @DerickC.  I received no response from Festool on this post, so I called your customer service # and posed the same question as the post to them.  They asked what part number and then said, yes it will work on the 27mm non-tapered, non sheathed, hose. So I ordered 2 and just picked them up at my local woodcraft (30 minute drive each way), and guess what... they don't fit a 27mm non-tapered hose!  So, back they go--more down time and hassle.  Hopefully, @DerickC you can run these type of question to ground for us in the future, or correct the folks on your customer service phone line.  Looking forward to those days....